Roohi & Rahim

Roohi & Rahim
Crafting Roohi & Rahim’s Bespoke Journey 


Discovering that one person you want to share every heartbeat with, journeying through life hand in hand, is a marvel. Their presence paints ordinary moments with extraordinary shades, turning life's canvas into a masterpiece of togetherness.

In the midst of life's bustling symphony, Roohi and Rahim found solace in each other—a fortunate bond that whispered, "You're the one I want to do everything with, forever.”

With hearts full of love and eyes shimmering with dreams, Roohi and Rahim approached their special day with a well-thought-out plan. Their vision found a partner in Sharmeen, whose passion for desi wedding dresses was the cornerstone. 

Roohi Dons a Forest Green Mehendi Ceremony Dress


The mehendi ceremony is a special tradition in South Asian weddings. It represents love and blessings and involves applying beautiful henna designs. This ceremony symbolizes the bride's transformation and brings together loved ones to celebrate and create lasting memories.

Roohi wore a dark forest green jumpsuit for the mehendi ceremony and looked stunning. The fabric was decorated with champagne gold thread and sequins, making it look rich and luxurious. The jumpsuit seemed as if it was touched by magic, giving Roohi a mesmerizing look. Her green dress for the mehndi perfectly blended elegance and vibrancy, showcasing the amazing craftsmanship of every stitch.

Pastels in the Pithi Ceremony




The Pithi ceremony is a Muslim tradition that radiates joy as turmeric paste is applied to the couple, symbolizing blessings and purification. It's a vibrant prelude to their sacred journey.

Roohi's pithi outfit was a stunning blend of three unique design elements. She desired a pastel pink draping that flowed gracefully, while mirrors adorned the dress, adding a touch of sparkle. The outfit's overall style exuded modern charm, making it a true work of art that beautifully combined Roohi's vision with our expert craftsmanship.

Rahim chose to have the same intricate mirror work design on his vest. This decision added a touch of elegance and coordination to their outfits.

Roohi's Shimmering Sangeet Night Look


For the sangeet ceremony, Roohi envisioned a stunning sangeet outfit that would capture everyone's attention. She wanted acrylic mirror work for her outfit. The top of her skirt was adorned with small mirror embellishments, which gradually transitioned into larger mirror work towards the bottom. This design would create a mesmerizing effect, shimmering with every step she takes on the dance floor.

To complement the mirror work, Roohi opted for a royal blue sangeet lehenga with a belted silhouette. The rounded square neckline adds a touch of elegance, while the sleeveless design enhances her freedom of movement. When combined, all these elements come together to create a truly enchanting outfit for Roohi's sangeet ceremony, one that reflects her vibrant spirit and magnetic presence.

Roohi's Nikah Saree



The Nikah ceremony is a sacred union where two souls intertwine, bound by rituals and vows, embarking on a lifelong journey of love, unity, and everlasting companionship.

Roohi's white saree for the wedding was a reflection of her timeless grace and ethereal beauty. She wore a silk saree, designed to exude luxury, capturing the attention of everyone present. 

The saree provided full coverage with its non-transparent fabric, ensuring modesty. The unique design of the net sleeves balanced grace and elegance, adding to its stunning look. The blouse featured a full net back, adding a touch of glamour to the overall design. The seamless construction and straight liner ensured a flawless fit, enhancing the ensemble's appeal.

The saree looked beautiful with its captivating swirl designs that added depth and charm. It mesmerized everyone who saw it. Roohi's bridal couture embraced the magic and natural charm, making her special day unforgettable and creating a lasting memory.

Roohi’s Captivating Wedding Reception Dress


The reception was a big celebration of the couple's love. Friends and family came together to share in their happiness. The air was filled with laughter, music, and dancing, creating a magical ambiance that perfectly reflected the spirit of their beautiful union.

Roohi had a vision of herself in a breathtaking Lavender or Periwinkle color lehenga for the wedding reception. The search for the perfect color became paramount, as it would set the tone for her entire look. To add a touch of glamour, Roohi opted for exquisite silver or white work, creating a shimmering effect that would catch every eye in the room. 

To maintain a balance, Roohi chose a style with minimal use of diamonds, ensuring a subtle sparkle. The neckline was covered to add an element of grace, allowing Roohi to radiate beauty in a flowy and ethereal manner that would captivate everyone's attention.

The Journey of Creating Artisanal Couture Dresses

From designing Roohi's dream white saree for the wedding to creating her stunning sangeet lehenga and reception party dress, the journey of crafting all her bridal outfits was not without its challenges and hurdles.

Throughout the process, Sharmeen ensured that Roohi and Rahim were involved and updated every step of the way. Sharing pictures and videos of the outfit in various stages of production, Sharmeen made sure that any desired changes were communicated to her team in India, who skillfully brought them to life.

Despite the lengthiness of the process, taking approximately 6-9 months from start to finish, she maintained continuous communication with the couple. In addition, Sharmeen's network of skilled seamstresses in Houston proved invaluable, as they were able to make last-minute alterations to outfits within just 24 hours for brides and grooms who were travelling from outside the area.

Just like Roohi and Rahim, you too can embark on a journey to create your dream bridal ensemble with Panache by Sharmeen. Experience the fulfillment of crafting a personalized masterpiece that reflects your unique style and personality.

Book an appointment with us today and let us expertly craft all your bridal outfits for each of the ceremonies, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience.