The Modiste

From a young age, Sharmeen's adoration for desi wedding dresses began to blossom, fueling her passion for bringing the timeless grandeur of traditional Indian couture to the Western world.

Mesmerized by the exquisite designs and intricate details that adorned brides and grooms at every wedding, Sharmeen was inspired to create Panache by Sharmeen. This marked the beginning of an incredible expedition that would lead the brand to new heights.

Entrusted with the power to turn dreams into a beautiful reality, Sharmeen shines as a skilled expert in South Asian fashion. The brand's growth over the years is a testament to her determination and vision, as well as the unwavering support of its loyal clientele. She continues to foster growth and create unforgettable experiences for her clients wanting to make a lasting impression at weddings across all cultures.