In the magical journey of finding the perfect wedding outfit, each bride strives to embrace a tale that represents her unique style and personality. Enter Anna, our bride in search of 'the one' amidst the ocean of our exquisite bridal couture. 

Anna's quest unfolded with a twist, as she realized that the perfect wedding outfit is not limited to heavy customizations. The visual connoisseur that she is, Anna stumbled upon a gorgeous ensemble displayed in-store at Panache by Sharmeen and instantly fell in love. Making only minimal changes, she prioritized the tactile experience of exploring the colors and the delicate embroidery and the joy of trying on the sample outfit. 

Now, let's follow along as we tell you all about Anna’s journey to finding the wedding outfit of her dreams.

The Champagne Palette Magic for the Nikkah


The Nikkah ceremony, a sacred union between two souls, carries profound importance in the realm of Islamic weddings. It marks the beginning of a lifelong commitment and the celebration of love and togetherness. For this significant occasion, Anna was looking for the perfect bridal dress that would match the spirit of the Nikkah and her own style.

Among the vast collection of colors and designs, Anna felt drawn to a champagne color scheme, which reflected an understated elegance and sophistication. This choice perfectly aligned with her wish to mix traditional with modern style.

Anna's Champagne-colored Nikkah outfit was carefully crafted to make her look graceful and charming. It had a peplum-style top and skirt with delicate embroidery and decorations. The peplum top enhanced her curves, adding a touch of royalty to her overall look, while the skirt flowed elegantly. She wore a matching dupatta that framed her face beautifully and gave her a mesmerizing look. The sheer fabric suited the occasion perfectly well.



Anna's champagne-colored wedding outfit showcased her fine taste and vision. The color represented warmth, purity, and celebration, matching Anna's gentle personality and her wish for a calm and loving start to her new life. It was a unique choice that respected the importance of the Nikkah ceremony while expressing her individuality.


As Anna stood before her loved ones in her champagne bridal dress, her joy and satisfaction were evident. The color added a special charm, making her Nikkah ceremony an unforgettable event for everyone.

The Silver & Grey Subtlety for a Colorful Reception



The wedding reception, a grand celebration following the heartfelt marriage vows, holds a special place in wedding traditions. It marks the start of a new chapter in the couple's life, filled with love, laughter, and colorful festivities. In the midst of this vibrant celebration, Anna carefully and thoughtfully selected her reception outfit to reflect her individual style and set the tone for the evening.

For her reception, Anna turned to our best-selling grey and silver lehenga. This reception lehenga featured detailed embroidery with shimmering beads, sequins, and crystals that sparkled at every turn. The delicate touch of blush added a hint of romance and made the outfit even more graceful and feminine.

A standout feature of Anna's reception outfit was the scalloped edges on the skirt. Paired with a layer of voluminous tulle underneath, it created a gorgeous flowing effect, adding movement and grace to her every step. Anna loved this elegant detail a lot, and it became one of her favorite parts of the outfit.


Anna's silver and grey reception lehenga perfectly captured the spirit of the occasion, radiating joy and glamour. The skilled craftsmanship and Anna's wise taste created an outfit that delighted everyone with its twinkling embellishments and wavy edges. As Anna danced through the festivities, her lehenga became a symbol of celebration, mixing old and new styles while gathering admiration and awe.

The Journey to Anna’s Dream Bridal Couture

With minimal changes required, the journey to create Anna’s dream Nikkah and reception dresses was quick and smooth. Sharmeen expertly took Anna's measurements and communicated them to her talented team in India. The result was a flawless recreation of the Nikkah and reception outfits, precisely matching the samples Anna had tried on in-store.

Panache by Sharmeen has consistently crafted breathtaking bridal couture for many radiant brides, Anna being one of them. With a commitment to blending tradition and contemporary style, our designs have made countless weddings truly memorable. 

If you too aspire to walk down the aisle in an attire that mirrors your unique personality, book an appointment with us today. Let your journey to your dream wedding outfit begin with a visit to our atelier.