Riya & Dhruv

Riya & Dhruv
Riya and Dhruv's Romantic Journey Tailored to Perfection


Finding your soulmate is a magical experience, a moment when two hearts meet and recognize each other. When you fall in love, every moment spent together becomes a cherished memory, and every obstacle faced together is a milestone towards a stronger bond. 

With hearts brimming with love, Riya and Dhruv prepared to embark on the journey of weaving their wedding dreams into reality. 

The journey towards marriage resonates with the blooming of a flower, as preparations for the wedding become a harmonious blend of anticipation and teamwork. They placed their aspirations for the perfect bridal attire and wedding outfit for the groom in Sharmeen's capable hands, embracing her discerning guidance to curate bespoke bridal couture for each event.

The Sangeet Ceremony 



In desi weddings, the Sangeet is a vibrant celebration filled with music and dance. It's like a colorful story that adds drama and excitement to the journey of love. For Riya and Dhruv, the vibrant Sangeet celebration called for a unique twist on the classic attire.

Riya envisioned a stunning sangeet outfit adorned with mirrors but wished to break away from conventional Sangeet colors like navy blue or hot pink. Together with Sharmeen, she selected a captivating plum hue, creating an unforgettable ensemble that radiated elegance and style. 

The final sangeet ceremony dress was a customized Seema Gujral creation, tailored to Riya's taste by Sharmeen. With her unique sense of style, she was all set to ignite the stage with her mesmerizing lehenga, radiating her confidence and charisma.

The Wedding Ceremony


The D-day unfolded for the happy couple, where traditions and emotions collided like a theatrical spectacle. Riya browsed through Panache by Sharmeen's extensive collection and found herself drawn to three distinct outfits. 

Sharmeen and her experienced team in India combined different elements from various designs to create a gorgeous red lehenga. It perfectly encapsulated Riya's unique vision and was a beautiful representation of her ideas.


From intricate embroidery to luxurious fabrics, wedding outfits for men offer a captivating blend of tradition and modern elegance. 

Dhruv's attire was complete with an exquisitely crafted sherwani, meticulously designed for men. This was complemented by Riya’s ensemble, where the colors and patterns from her lehenga were artfully integrated into his striking sherwani and shawl. 

Throughout the process, Sharmeen ensured that both the bride and groom remained involved in every step, from selecting fabric swatches to approving artwork and the final product. Their input and suggestions were invaluable, and Sharmeen's willingness to adapt and refine the designs ensured that every garment was a work of perfection, leaving Riya and Dhruv utterly mesmerized.

The Reception Look


The reception was a grand celebration of the couple's love, bringing together friends and family to share in their joy. Laughter, music, and dance filled the air, creating a magical ambiance that truly reflected the spirit of their beautiful union.

The wedding reception demanded an attire that exudes glamour. Riya found her inspiration in Seema Gujral's Champagne Lehenga, captivated by the intricate crystal and beaded embroidery that adorned the wedding outfit. The sparkling reception outfit for the bride was the perfect example of luxury, making it the ideal bridal lehenga for the reception.



The journey to creating the perfect bridal lehenga for Riya and the ideal wedding outfit for Dhruv was not without its challenges. Coordinating with various designers and vendors to ensure that their ceremony outfits complemented one another was a delicate balancing act. 

However, under Sharmeen's expert guidance, the couple's vision transformed into a cohesive blend of tradition and modernity, weaving together a tapestry of elegance and sophistication that will be cherished for years to come. In the end, Riya and Dhruv's story stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the pursuit of perfection. 

Thanks to the dedication and commitment to excellence of Panache by Sharmeen, their wedding wardrobe was exceptional, creating an unforgettable impact on everyone who witnessed their beautiful love story.