Saba's heart was filled with the purest of emotions as her wedding day drew near. 

From excitement and pure happiness to stress and anxiety, it's a rollercoaster ride of emotions for every bride-to-be. She envisioned herself as the epitome of beauty on her special day, cherishing the thought of captivating all hearts. 

Choosing the perfect bridal dress is one of the most significant decisions to make. Saba, with her Pinterest board as her guide, had a crystal-clear vision of her desired look, which Sharmeen precisely brought to life. 

Join us on this journey as we curate exquisite wedding outfits for Saba, tailoring each one to perfection for each of her wedding ceremonies. 

Saba Shines in a Diva Pant Saree at the Dholki


The first event was the Dholki ceremony, a traditional pre-wedding celebration in South Asian weddings where Saba was surrounded by her loved ones as they danced, sang and celebrated her upcoming wedding. 

For this joyous occasion, Saba chose to wear our best-selling Diva Pant Saree, a stunning outfit that perfectly captured the joy and beauty of the moment. 

A Perfect Lehenga for the Sangeet Night

Saba excitedly shared her Pinterest board for her sangeet outfit, filled with images of vibrant, multi-panelled lehengas. One particular sangeet lehenga adorned with a beautiful floral pattern and intricate gold embroidery caught her eye. However, Saba was unsure about the ideal color combination for her ensemble.


With expertise and creativity, Sharmeen sketched a sample lehenga, carefully selecting colors from the shade card that perfectly complemented Saba's preferences. Saba loved the sketch and gave us the go-ahead on the final look of the lehenga.  

Getting the colors right for each panel of the lehenga was a challenging process. We experimented with different colors and sequences, working diligently until Saba's vision for the final look was fulfilled. When she saw the ensemble, Saba was ecstatic. She loved every detail of the final outcome.


Saba’s White Lehenga for the Wedding (Nikkah



Nikkah is a wedding ceremony in the Islamic tradition, where a couple publicly commits to a lifelong partnership, embracing love, mutual respect, and shared values. 

For her Nikkah, she was drawn to our in-store bridal collection and had admired previous brides' photos on our Instagram. Drawing inspiration, we crafted a stunning white lehenga with an elegantly long kurta. To create a breathtaking look, she draped the dupatta like a veil on her special day.

Saba's Exquisite Reception Gown



Saba's reception gown was a stunning masterpiece, embodying elegance and sophistication.

For her wedding reception dress, Saba wanted to incorporate a touch of bluish-green charm, reminiscent of a Pakistani-style lehenga she adored in-store. However, she desired a more modern silhouette for her reception.  Sharmeen and her clever team in India teamed up to craft a special reception gown for the bride, blending the elements Saba adored and adding the peek-a-boo waist she wanted. Despite the challenge of being located outside Houston, Sharmeen seamlessly coordinated alterations and shipping to ensure Saba's utter satisfaction with all her enchanting ensembles.

Your Dream Bridal Attire Awaits You!

From the initial design sketches to fabric selection, fittings, and final touches, Saba was involved every step of the way to ensure her complete satisfaction. The result was a breathtaking bridal ensemble that perfectly captured her unique style and personality. If you're in search of your dream bridal outfit, Panache by Sharmeen can help bring your vision to life with our bespoke services. 


Whether you're looking for a traditional or contemporary style, our team of experts can create a one-of-a-kind piece that captures the essence of your personality and style. With our personalized attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, Panache by Sharmeen is dedicated to making your special day an unforgettable one.