South Asian Wedding Guest - Outfit Ideas 2023

South Asian Wedding Guest - Outfit Ideas 2023

Are you struggling to find the perfect wedding guest outfit for the upcoming season? 

We understand the endless hours of searching and stressing over finding the perfect attire,  when it's a South Asian wedding. With our expertly curated suggestions and trend insights, you'll be turning heads and stealing the show at every celebration. Get ready to embrace the cultural flair like never before for all your wedding guest outfit needs. 

What to Wear to a Hindu Wedding? 

Immersed in sacred rituals and ancient customs, traditional Hindu marriages hold great significance in the Indian culture. As a result, the attire chosen for attending an Indian wedding, whether as a guest or a member of the wedding party, should be approached with utmost seriousness. 

If you're attending a Hindu wedding for the first time, it's essential to familiarize yourself with these cultural nuances. These Hindu wedding guest outfit ideas involve what you can wear at each ceremony and event. 

1) The Engagement 

The engagement ceremony holds significant importance in the Hindu religion, symbolizing the commitment and union of two souls on their journey to marriage. 

Female Guests:

As a female guest at an engagement party, embrace the chance to showcase your stylish semi-formal or contemporary attire. There are no strict guidelines for dressing, so feel free to wear quirky draped sarees, Chanderi palazzo pants with kurtis, shararas, lehenga cholis or a gown for the engagement party.  

Male Guests: 

For male guests, other than traditional kurta pajamas, options include trousers and a shirt paired with a formal jacket or a traditional suit. Accessory-wise, a wristwatch and a pair of mojris complement the kurta. 


2) The Mehendi Ceremony 

Mehndi, a traditional body art originating in South Asia, typically takes place a day or a few days before the wedding. 

Female Guests: 

You have a variety of mehendi ceremony dress options to choose from, including a saree, lehenga choli, anarkali suit, or even a crop top paired with a skirt. The level of intricacy you desire for your Mehendi design should determine the sleeve length. We recommend going sleeveless for the best results. 

Male Guests: 

For male guests, options include kurta pajamas, sherwanis with churidars or dhotis, Nehru jackets paired with kurtas and churidars, Indo-Western fusion outfits, or Pathani suits. It's essential to opt for colors that suit the occasion and to avoid clothing like shorts or sleeveless tops that might be considered inappropriate.

3) The Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony is a joyful and auspicious pre-wedding ritual where turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom's body. 

For the Haldi, men and women should wear traditional and vibrant attire, preferably in yellow or bright colors. Women can opt for sarees, salwar kameez, or lehenga cholis, while men can choose kurta pajamas or Pathani suits. It's essential to avoid black or white attire and opt for comfortable fabrics to embrace the celebratory spirit of the pre-wedding ritual.

4) The Sangeet Night

The Sangeet Ceremony is eagerly anticipated and known for its exuberant and joyous atmosphere. Here are some traditional as well as modern sangeet outfits for guests to choose from. 

Female Guests: 

You can showcase Bollywood-inspired fashion with sparkling sangeet lehengas, sarees, and anarkalis as they dance with zeal. The event is perfect for flaunting dazzling and sequined sangeet outfits and experimenting with structured or pre-draped sarees that remain intact during vigorous dancing. While traditional colors like red, green, pink, and maroon are popular choices, some opt for bold black and gold or shimmering pastel sarees to stand out.

Male Guests: 

For those who value fashion, an Indo-western suit featuring a well-fitted jacket with jodhpuris is an excellent choice. Alternatively, you can opt for kurta pajamas, sherwanis, or fitted trousers to move stylishly and stand out. If you are not entirely comfortable in traditional Hindu wear, suits or tuxedos are also suitable options, allowing you to experiment with colors and patterns while embracing the occasion's spirit.

 5) The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony 

Finally comes the D-day when you finally flaunt your wedding guest outfits contributing to all the festivities in the ceremony. 

It is important to dress accordingly in traditional attire that reflects the significance of the occasion. Although it can be tempting to experiment with different styles, it is not recommended to take risks with untested styles that may not blend well with traditional wedding ceremony procedures and rituals.

Female Guests

Wedding guest outfits for women at Hindu weddings vary based on the region. In North Indian weddings, anarkali suits and lehengas are popular choices, with floor-sweeping anarkalis featuring zardosi embroidery providing convenience and comfort. For South Indian weddings, sarees are the outfit of choice. Opt for Banarasi silk, georgette, or Jamdani sarees in colors such as red, green, yellow, or pink. Remember to respect the cultural traditions and accordingly choose your South Asian wedding guest dress.  

Male Guests 

Men's wedding guest outfits at Hindu weddings require a more elevated look than a simple shirt and a trouser combination. You can opt for a chikankari kurta with elegant embroidered details on the collar and slay the whole look with a pair of mojris. For a more luxurious look, pair a silk or cotton kurta with a jacket, churidar pajamas, and a matching dupatta. 

What to Wear to a Muslim Wedding? 

Muslim weddings embrace a distinct dress code for guests, regardless of what religion the guest belongs to. Muslim weddings typically involve a simple attire, with women wearing modest dresses or outfits like abayas and men in formal outfits like suits or traditional ethnic wear.

Female Guests

Female guests attending a Muslim wedding are recommended to opt for modest and elegant attire that adheres to Islamic customs. A tasteful outfit might include a long dress or gown with sleeves, avoiding deep necklines or excessively tight fits. A headscarf (hijab) is often worn to respect the religious atmosphere. Soft and subdued colors are suitable, along with minimal and classy accessories. This choice of attire not only reflects cultural sensitivity but also displays a graceful and respectful appearance in line with the occasion.

Male Guests 

Men’s wedding guest outfits for a Muslim wedding should align with Islamic principles of modesty. A traditional option is a tailored suit or a formal thobe (a long robe-like garment), often paired with a dress shirt and tie. To complete the look, consider wearing a kufi (a small cap) or an appropriate head covering. It's advisable to stick to neutral or subdued colors and to avoid overly flashy or casual clothing. This attire showcases respect for the occasion's cultural and religious significance while exuding a refined and dignified presence.

Dress Code Guidelines for Attending a Muslim Wedding

Attending a Muslim wedding is an opportunity to discover the rich cultural traditions of Islam. However, it's important to abide by dress code guidelines to respect the occasion and embrace modesty.

  1. Dress modestly: Cover shoulders, knees, and arms; avoid short or revealing outfits.
  2. Consider a head scarf: Be prepared to cover your head if required or encouraged in certain ceremonies.
  3. Remove shoes before entering: Show respect by leaving shoes outside the mosque, where the wedding may take place.
  4. Rules may relax at the reception: Check announcements for any changes in dress code or head covering.
  5. Avoid black clothing: Black is associated with mourning and should be avoided, especially for women.
  6. Steer clear of white: White is traditionally reserved for the bride, so choose other colors like green or pink.
  7. Skip the red: Red is the color often worn by brides, so it's best to avoid it as a guest.
  8. Men should opt for formal attire: Dress in a suit and tie, similar to what you would wear to a Christian wedding.

What to Wear to a South Asian Christian Wedding? 

Celebrate the harmonious blend of Western and regional traditions at a South Asian Christian wedding. Choose from a diverse range of wedding guest outfits that perfectly embody the beauty of this cultural fusion.

1.The Church Wedding 

Church weddings are sacred ceremonies uniting two people in holy matrimony, often accompanied by religious rituals and traditions.

Female Guests

For female guests, consider wearing a saree or a salwar kameez in elegant fabrics and colors. Pair the outfit with traditional jewelry, like a maang tikka or jhumkas, to complete the look. Alternatively, wearing a modest western-style dress or gown is also acceptable. Opt for comfortable shoes as it is customary to stand during some parts of the ceremony.

Male Guests 

For a South Asian Christian wedding, men can wear a traditional suit and tie in a classic color like navy blue or black. Alternatively, they can consider wearing a sherwani or achkan with a matching churidar pajama. Accessorize the outfit with a pocket square or a silk scarf for a touch of elegance

2. The Reception Party 

A Christian wedding reception is a joyous celebration of the marriage union in which couples, families, and friends congregate to honor the newlyweds, share blessings, exchange pleasantries, and engage in festivities.

Female Guests 

The option for wedding guest outfits for women at a Christian wedding is varied. Opt for a chic dress or a stylish skirt/blouse combination. Choose fabrics like lace or satin for an elegant touch. Accessorize with tasteful jewelry and complement your outfit with comfortable yet stylish shoes.

Male Guests 

For the reception, male guests can wear a well-tailored suit in classic colors like black or navy blue. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and a matching tie. Complete the look with polished shoes and minimal accessories for a refined and elegant appearance.

The Takeaway

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    1. What do you wear to a casual wedding in Texas?

For a casual wedding in Texas, opt for lightweight and comfortable attire like a sundress or linen pants with a nice blouse.

     2. How should I dress for a 3pm wedding?

For a 3 p.m. wedding, choose semi-formal attire. Men can wear a dark suit, dress shirt, tie, leather shoes. Women can wear knee-length dresses, heels/flats, and accessories.

     3. What to wear to an Indian wedding reception as a female guest?

As a female guest at an Indian wedding reception, choose a stylish saree or an elegant salwar kameez with statement jewelry.     

     4. Where to buy designer wedding dresses for guests in Houston?

Panache by Sharmeen is a multi-designer boutique based in Houston, Texas.  With the convenience of online shopping or personalized appointments, we can bring your wedding guest outfit dreams to life.